3 Points Urban Brewery: A Breath of Fresh Air in Pendleton

Before Prohibition began, the Pendleton neighborhood was an epicenter for craft beer brewers. Now nearly a century later, 3 Points Urban Brewery has set out to revive the community's reputation for top-notch suds. It opened in May in the heart of Pendleton, brewing its own beers and hanging local artwork on the walls.

Come to grab a pint and enjoy the chic design of the space, complete with exposed brick and light streaming in through massive windows and skylights. Although the brewery doesn't serve food yet, a full restaurant is in the works. For now, savor the house-brewed beers such as the Gesture 569, a light wheat ale, and the Origami, a heavier Post Coast IPA. These are just two of the eight craft beers that are currently on tap at 3 Points Urban Brewery.

Public Domain/Pixabay/stocksnap