Aberlin Springs: An “Agri-Hood” That Merges a Planned Community With a Working Farm

Have you heard about Aberlin Springs, the farm-to-table "agri-hood" in South Lebanon? It will feature 141 single-family homes centered on a working farm, and Pendragon will offer each home with custom designs in one of three general sizes: cottage, manor, or estate.

Residents who live at Aberlin Springs will automatically be enrolled in a CSA, which will allow them to take advantage of the fresh produce harvested on the community's farm. There will also be a wellness center that offers yoga classes, aromatherapy, and massage services. The grounds at Aberlin Springs feature barns, fields full of animals and even a scenic lake. The farm will raise cows, chickens, sheep and pigs, and the farmers will harvest seasonal fruits and vegetables throughout the year.

In This ‘Agri-Hood’ Planned Community, You’ll Be Livin’ Down On The Farm [aberlinsprings.com]

Public Domain/Pixabay/rhianjane