Behind the Renaissance of Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine Neighborhood

Once marked by poverty and crime, Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine has become one of the city’s hottest neighborhoods. But what spurred OTR’s transformation from one of the country’s most dangerous neighborhoods into the Greenwich Village of Cincinnati — a place where out-of-towners queue up for organic fried chicken and locals shell out a half-million dollars for a condo? In a nutshell, the Cincinnati Center City Development Corp. (3CDC), a non-government entity formed in 2003.

Helmed by Stephen Leeper, the 3CDC has relied on tax incentives and federal community development grants to spur the neighborhood’s renaissance. That, and a “think big, but go small” approach. According to an article in Politico, the 3CDC’s revitalization project began with the simple step of shutting down corner liquor stores, then continued with a $48 million makeover of Washington Park, which has since become a bustling community hub. For the full story, check out the article below!

How Cincinnati Salvaged the Nation’s Most Dangerous Neighborhood [Politico]