Celebrate at the Cincinnati St. Patrick’s Day Parade 2018 on March 10

In its earliest days, the Cincinnati St. Patrick's Day Parade was a procession of a few men paying homage to Saint Patrick. "Big" Jim Murphy led the way, trotting through Cincinnati's streets on Friday, March 17, 1967, with just a few other men in tow. It wasn't long before local workers, shop owners, and others began to follow him. Before he knew it, Big Jim had launched a tradition.

Now more than 50 years later, the parade tradition continues — it has since been moved to a Saturday — on March 10th in downtown Cincinnati. The fun kicks off promptly at 12 p.m. when the wave of decked-out floats, dancing troops, unique and vintage roadsters, and other groups march through the streets of downtown. Bring your family or friends and grab a good spot to watch the action unfold this St. Patrick's Day.

Public Domain/Pixabay/12019