Don’t Miss the 99th Findlay Market Opening Day Parade on April 2

The 99th Findlay Market Opening Day Parade may only officially be about a century old, but unofficially, its roots stretch back to the 1880s. That was when major league teams first decided to promote their play through special events, and when Cincinnati championed the concept of opening-day festivities. Now more than a century later, the tradition continues.

This year, the Opening Day Parade isn't actually taking place on opening day due to the Easter holiday. However, it'll unfold right before one of the biggest games of the season: the Reds versus the Chicago Cubs on Monday, April 2nd. Come to the parade at Findlay Market at noon and watch while fully decked out floats and performance groups stroll down the street. Then at 4:10 p.m., head to the park to watch the Reds face off against the Cubs.

Public Domain/Pixabay/kelseyannvere