Encounter Luxury Roadsters at the Cincinnati Auto Expo From Feb. 7-11

Take a stroll down Dream Machine Boulevard, where top-of-the-line roadsters are on display. Go for a test drive in a sparkly new Chevy truck or SUV. Take full advantage of a photo op in the retro VW van known as the Photo Bus Cincy. At the Cincinnati Auto Expo from February 7th to 11th, these are just a few of the ways you can celebrate automobiles, from vintage to cutting-edge vehicles.

Auto enthusiasts will definitely want to start at the Dream Machine Boulevard, which showcases uber-expensive and lavish cars from some of the best-known manufacturers from around the world. If you're really just at the auto expo for something fun to do, head right to the beer and wine garden. You can enjoy a few pints of craft beer or a glass of wine with friends, then check out the auto-centric exhibits — or skip them. Kids are even welcome to come thanks to a children's zone dedicated exclusively to family-friendly activities. Tickets start at $9 for adults and children under age 12 are free.