Enjoy Locally Sourced Comfort Food at Lucius Q

If you ask any member of the staff at Lucius Q where they get their ingredients, more often than not they'll point you to a spot right in their own neighborhood. The local butcher who supplies the beef and pork resides right around the corner. The bakery that churns out the fresh bread and buns is only a stone's throw away. Cincy native Tom Martin crafts everything else in-house.

Come to Lucius Q to see why this barbecue eatery has already earned so many fans, despite having only opened in March. Chef Tom slowly smokes the locally sourced meats over a stack of oak and cherry wood. You can order meat like pulled pork, brisket, turkey, or sausage by the pound, or enjoy it in sandwich form. Customers highly recommend the Pendleton Porker, a pile of pulled pork, Avril-Bleh sausage, Burnt Bellies, bacon-onion jam, and Queen City Gold Sauce.