Everyone Is Irish at Molly Malone’s St. Patrick’s Day Celebration

If you want the authentic Irish experience, St. Paddy’s Day at Molly Malone’s will provide it. The pub teams up with the Cincinnati Gaelic Athletic Association to set up a full weekend’s worth of events on March 16th and 17th—and it includes literally stopping traffic to make more room for revelers.

Molly Malone’s will cordon off a section of Court Street right out front and set up a tent, which will be ready to go by noon on Saturday, AKA “Stout Day.” Hit the bar in the tent to grab a pint of Guinness or Murphy’s, or throw back a shot of spirits at the whiskey bar. Enjoy live Irish dancers, bagpipers, and musicians while you imbibe. Then on Sunday, the fun begins with Kegs & Eggs bright and early at 8 a.m., followed by live Irish bands and more Irish dancing.