Explore Aviation History at Wright “B” Flyer in Dayton

The Wright Brothers weren’t just the first Americans to successfully pilot a heavier-than-air plane, they were also the fathers of the commercial aviation industry in the U.S. When they opened up the nation’s first airplane factory in 1910, their employees were tasked with manufacturing the Wright Model B, the plane that would spawn an entire industry. Wright “B” Flyer, Inc. celebrates this achievement through historic displays.

These exhibits include a new Wright Model B designed to look exactly like the original, which you can see for yourself at the Wright “B” Flyer’s museum and hangar. It sits alongside two other models from the early days of American aviation, the Brown Bird and the Valentine Flyer. You can also check out informational exhibits that trace the early days of flight in the U.S. with a focus on the Wright Brothers’ contributions.