Fausto Brings California Cuisine to the Contemporary Arts Center

If you’re looking for a new spot to grab a bite for breakfast, Fausto just debuted a couple of weeks ago in the Contemporary Arts Center and it has lots of creative options. Start your morning with a slice of avocado toast topped with crispy garlic, black sesame, aioli, and some fresh cilantro. For something sweeter, try the chia seed pudding, coconut, cocoa nibs, and peanuts.

For lunch, Fausto dishes out salads, sandwiches, and larger entrees. The farro grain salad features fresh cherry tomatoes tossed with the ancient grain, plus sweet corn, sunflower seeds, pickled onions, and a mix of herbs. The confit tuna salad puts a gourmet twist on your favorite lunchtime bite, complementing the fresh confit tuna with tonnato (a type of artisan lunch meat), Sungold tomatoes, olive relish, and arugula. Other options range from handmade linguini and seafood to grilled sakura bavette steak with crispy potatoes and shallots.