Five Facts About the Soon-to-Debut Pete Rose Statue at Great American Ball Park

Pete Rose is an icon, an athlete, and a hometown hero, and, in 2017, he'll also be a statue. The Cincinnati Reds switch hitter, who was inducted into the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame earlier this year, will join the likes of Tony Perez, Johnny Bench, Joe Morgan, and other Reds legends when a statue in his likeness is unveiled outside Great American Ball Park in summer 2017. Here are a five facts about Charlie Hustle's soon-to-debut statue.

1) The Reds have commissioned local artist Tom Tsuchiya to make the Pete Rose statue. Tsuchiya is the National Baseball Hall of Fame official sculptor, and he's also responsible for the statues already on display a Great American Ball Park.
2) When complete, the bronze statue will weigh around 500 pounds.
3) The statue will feature Rose in his signature move: diving into base. "With his back legs raised high in the air, Tsuchiya captures the very moment his front arms hit the dirt," reports
4) As suggested by engineers from GE Aviation, the statue will be supported by a skeleton crafted from stainless steel.
5) The statue will be unveiled in 2017 with a dedication ceremony before the Los Angeles Dodgers game on June 17.

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