Five Good-to-Know Tips When Settling Into a New Apartment

Moving into a new apartment is exciting, but it also comes with its fair share of challenges. From purchasing new furniture to meeting new friends, there are a number of things that you'll need to sort out as you settle in. Here are a few tips to help you adjust to your new home.

  • Make your home your own right away. Make it a priority to hang personal photographs, add cozy blankets, and invest in a few house plants to make your home feel more comfy and familiar.
  • Give off friendly vibes. When you encounter neighbors in the elevator or the hallway, be sure to give them a friendly smile or ask how they're doing. First impressions make a big impact, so if you want to welcome in new friends, you'll want to emit that attitude right from the get-go.
  • Take advantage of social gatherings. From holiday parties to charity functions, these types of building-wide gatherings are some of the easiest ways to meet people.
  • Use the communal living spaces. Apartments have community spaces such as lobbies and pool areas for a reason: to help foster a sense of community! This weekend, make it a point to hang out in the rec room or go for a workout in the fitness center.
  • Hose a party of your own. If you're feeling extra social, invite the people that you're friendly with in the building to join in on a potluck or dinner party in your apartment. Pretty soon, you'll have a solid group of friends and you'll feel right at home!