From Pepperoni to Clams, Harvest Pizzeria Over-the-Rhine Offers Pizza Toppings for Every Taste

Despite the fact that Harvest Pizzeria Over-the-Rhine only made its debut at the beginning of September, the eatery has already earned a handful of five-star reviews on Yelp. These satisfied customers cite not just the pizza, but everything from the cocktails to the salads as the reason for the rave reviews.

So grab a Moscow Mule or a Harvest Margarita and take your time mulling over the menu at Harvest Pizzeria. Start your meal with a small plate or two, like the brussels sprouts with spiced honey and cream sauce or the buttermilk-battered cauliflower with buffalo sauce. Then move on to an entree salad, a juicy burger, or one of the signature pizzas.

Harvest Pizzeria boasts 15 signature artisan pies, plus an option to customer your own pizza from the crust up. Keep dinner on the lighter side when you order the almond pesto pizza, smothered with an almond-based pesto sauce, fresh mozzarella cheese, and spinach and artichoke. If you're looking for something a little more filling, the Ohio Double Bacon will likely fit the bill. It comes loaded with bacon, Ohio "Canadian" bacon, and roasted red peppers. Other pizzas showcase goat cheese and basil, Athens County mushrooms and gouda, or even ocean clams and garlic, so the options are eclectic and plenty at Harvest Pizzeria.