Get Some Fresh Air on the Trails at the Cincinnati Nature Center

Whether you want to go for an easy walk or challenge yourself to a nine-mile hike, you can do it at the Cincinnati Nature Center and its surrounding park. The beloved local park encompasses beautiful wooded walking trails, picturesque ponds and lakes, and scenic overlooks.

Stop at the visitor's center before you head out for your hike, and you'll learn about some of the critters you might see along the trail. You can also grab a map and check out a list of upcoming events at the park. Then head out to enjoy the trails and get some fresh air. Locals say you'll encounter people out for a leisurely stroll with their dog, as well as veteran hikers training for a big trip, so wherever you land on the athletic spectrum, you'll be in good company. There is an entrance fee to the park ($8-$9), but you can also opt for an annual membership ($30) for free entry.

Public Domain/Pixabay/jeanvdmeulen