Have You Noticed the New Madison & Kenwood RR Overpass Mural?

Madisonville is getting a major facelift this summer when the Madison & Kenwood RR Overpass Mural goes from dream to reality. It's largely thanks to the hard work of a grant from Keep Cincinnati Beautiful, which is funding the massive masterpiece, as well as artist James Billiter, the local artist behind its design.

Billiter partnered with a group of long-time residents to come up with the mural's design, which is an illustrated timeline of Madisonville's history. When viewed from left to right, the mural tells a beautiful, colorful story of Madisonville's past, present, and future, beginning with the Shawnee Tribe and ending with a depiction of its present-day residents. Be sure to check it out!

Public Domain/Pixabay/evondue