Holiday Hosting Tips for Apartment Dwellers

Have you been awarded the honor of hosting a holiday get-together this year? Maybe it’s an honor you didn’t actually ask for, or perhaps you’re embracing it with open arms. Either way, opening your home to a crowd of guests can be stressful. Follow these tips to make hosting fun and simple.

  1. Tuck away extra furniture. If you have any bulky pieces of furniture that don’t add any seating or table space—e.g., planters or standing decorative pieces—put them in a spare room for the party. You’ll be able to squeeze more people into your home, and the guests will have an easier time navigating the apartment.

  2. Clean thoroughly. It’s probably obvious that you should clean before having a large group of people over for dinner, but when you’re hosting a holiday party, go the extra mile. Don’t just pick up and vacuum. Make sure you mop the floors, dust every surface, and give the bathroom a thorough scrub-down.

  3. Organize your kitchen. When you’re cooking for a crowd, it’s always easier to do it in an organized kitchen. But there’s extra incentive to get your kitchen in tip-top shape when you’re hosting a party. The kitchen will likely become a space where people hang out, so use the counter as extra space for serving appetizers and drinks. Stow anything that’s normally on the counter away in a cabinet to free up space.

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