How to Give Your Bookcases a Catalog-Worthy Look

As a renter, you need to be creative when it comes to storage, whether it’s hidden out of view (e.g., under the bed) or out in the open (e.g., shelving). When it comes to the latter, bookcases present an excellent opportunity to not only store old tomes and new best-sellers, but also for serving as a place to showcase your personality. Here’s how to style a bookcase just like the pros!

  • Think beyond just books! Showcase your passions and hobbies through accessories that are unique and personal to you. You might display a souvenir from your most recent vacation, for example, or highlight a family heirloom.
  • For added visual interest, group the items you display on your shelves by theme, color, shape, texture, or material. (We love the idea of arranging books by color, in the order of the rainbow.)
  • Display accessories that are large and bold rather than using a lot of small items that can look cluttered.
  • Mix items of different heights so your shelves don’t appear one-dimensional. A mixture of small, medium, and tall items will keep your eye traveling.
  • Stack bold and colorful books to add height and to display smaller objects. Start out with placing the largest books on the bottom and work your way up to the smallest books on top.
  • Go au naturel by including potted plants, vased flowers, and other organic items on your bookcase’s shelves.

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