How to Plan an Unforgettable Summer Road Trip

 Road trips are a recipe for making memories, and they’re a great way to get out and explore without breaking the bank. If you’re thinking about planning a road trip with friends or family this summer, make sure you heed these tips.

  1. Map out your route carefully. The most important part of a road trip is the ultimate destination—but the stops along the way are pretty important, too. Once you pick the destination, carefully map out where you’ll make pit stops to do some sightseeing, get some shut-eye, or visit out-of-town friends.

  2. Pack some (healthy) snacks. A steady diet of fast food and pre-packaged snacks will have you feeling sluggish, which isn’t how you want to start your adventure. Although some quick-serve foods are probably inevitable when you’re out on the open road, you can offset their effect by packing healthy snacks like fruit, nuts, seeds, and whole-grain cereals or crackers.

  3. Allow for spontaneity. Structure is important, but don’t get so hung up on staying on track that you forget to stop and smell the roses—or go wherever the wind blows you. If it blows you in the direction of a local attraction or a popular restaurnat that’s not on the itnerary, let it happen! Road tripping is all about making memories, after all.

  4. Don’t forget a map (a real one). It’s rare that technology fails you, but it can happen when you’re out driving in the middle of nowhere. So you can’t count on your GPS to be working at all times. Stow a paper map in the car in case you lose cell service at some point on your trip.

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