How to Style a Coffee Table

The coffee table sits at the heart of your living room, so it presents the perfect opportunity to make a design statement. If you’re wondering how to style your coffee table like a pro, here are a few tips.

  1. Find the perfect tray. The easiest way to make a stylish vignette is to start with a stylish tray. Scour your favorite department stores and thrift shops for a tray that suits your table and your sense of design, then fill it up with a handful of decorative pieces (think a simple vase or prized knick-knacks).

  2. Build horizontally, not vertically. When you create your coffee table display, remember that you want it to enhance the room, not detract from it. So make sure it’s as functional as it is pretty, and choose small pieces that you can see over for easy conversation.

  3. Follow the rule of three. Designers have long followed the rule of three, which is exactly what it sounds like: a guideline that states groups of three are pleasing to the eye. So when you choose the decorations for your coffee table, try to find a trio.

  4. Display the things you love. Everyday items can become decor when arranged in an attractive way. For example, stack your favorite books, group together your most beautiful houseplants, or even display a board game that’s been passed down through the generations of your family.

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