It’s Official: Fort Thomas Is Kentucky’s Safest City

If you’ve ever wondered where Gettysburg Square ranks in terms of the safety of its surrounding community, wonder no more. The National Council for Home Safety and Security just unveiled its list of the safest cities in Kentucky for 2018 at the beginning of February, and your hometown is on it.

Fort Thomas came in at number one on the list of the state’s safest cities, which ranked all metropolises with 10,000 people or more. The ranking takes into account stats from the FBI Uniform Crime Report, as well as the National Council’s own findings in terms of violent and property crimes in each city on the list. So the next time you head out to enjoy dinner or date night in Fort Thomas, take a moment to appreciate the security of your community.

Fort Thomas Named Safest City in Kentucky [Fort Thomas Matters]

Public Domain/Pixabay/skitterphoto