Milk Bar Cafe Brings Rolled Ice Cream to Hyde Park

If you’ve yet to try rolled ice cream, you’re late to the party. This trending dessert just popped in up Hyde Park when Milk Bar Cafe opened in September, and the process of creating it is almost as delicious as the treat itself. Begin by choosing your ice cream base and mix-ins. The staff pours a liquid version of the ice cream onto a freezing steel plate, along with your extras, and combines everything. Then they smooth it out into a sheet and carefully shave swirls of the ice cream, placing them neatly inside of a cup.

Milk Bar Cafe boasts a varied menu of artisan options, like the Cookie Monster with matcha tea ice cream and a crushed Oreo and the Captain Cinnamon with Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal and vanilla ice cream. The same cereal is stocked in the cafe’s build-your-own breakfast bar, where you can fill a bowl with one of the many kinds of cereal, pour on some milk, and enjoy. If you opt for cereal, grab a milk cap tea (topped with gooey cream cheese and pink salt) or a fruit boba tea to enjoy on the side.