‘National Geographic’ Photographers Have Brought Their Stunning Wildlife Photos to Hyde Park’s Miller Gallery

Marking the first time that their work will be exhibited in a gallery-like setting, National Geographic photographers Paul Nicklen and Cristina Mittermeier have brought stunning wildlife photos to Hyde Park's Miller Gallery. The exhibition, titled Sea Legacy, introduces viewers to some of the world's most remote natural destinations, with indigenous people and endangered animals occasionally acting as subjects.

Not only does the exhibition point a lens at the natural world, it also calls attention to the effects of climate change. “We hope that after experiencing this exhibit, people will be inspired enough to take action when it comes to protecting our oceans,” Paul Nicklen. Proceeds from the exhibition will go toward furthering the efforts of Sea Legacy, a non-profit organization of conservation-minded photographers.

"Sea Legacy" will be on view at the gallery through Feb. 18.

Hyde Park gallery features work from National Geographic photographers [WCPO Cincinnati]