No Pub Crawler Gets Left Behind at Cincinnati’s Halloween Bar Crawl on Oct. 21

Jefferson Social, Tin Roof, and Jekyll are a few of the popular Cincinnati bar's taking part in this year's Halloween Bar Crawl. Elite Bar Crawls, the company behind the event, has come up with an ingenious way to make sure that you hit each of them, as well as the five other bars on the crawl. Each pub crawler gets an LED bracelet that lights up with a solid color when it's activated at registration. It will remain that solid color until 10 minutes before you need to start crawling to the next location, allowing ample time to settle your tab and get out the door.

This ensures that you'll have plenty of time to enjoy drink and food specials at every venue. So all you have to do is buy your ticket online ($16.99+), dress in your Halloween best, and show up at Jefferson Social at noon on Saturday, October 21st to get your bracelet and souvenir color-changing cup. Even if you don't immediately notice your flashing bracelet, Elite Bar Crawl staff will be on hand to usher you to the next pub.