Sink Your Teeth Into a Free-Range Chicken Sandwich at CityBird Tenders

CityBird Tenders isn't your average fast food restaurant. Its kitchen team is selective about the chicken that they fry up using their custom-built equipment. They only source free-range chicken raised without antibiotics. Once they've found the perfect birds, the staff brines and dredges them in-house and then fries them to crispy.

Since CityBird Tenders debuted in February, its chicken tenders have quickly amassed a cult following. Try one of the tender combos with fries and add a signature house-made sauce, like the lemon-thyme ranch, the hot honey, or the City Sauce. You can also sink your teeth into one of the specialty sandwiches, like the Citybird. Its toasted potato bun hugs chicken tenders, City Slaw, City Sauce, and pickles. The spicy sandwich showcases smoky chicken tenders plus fiery sriracha mayo and Green Goddess Slaw.

Public Domain/Pixabay/mark11586