Slim Furniture’s Lightweight Pieces Make Moving Much Easier

If you appreciate furniture that's as versatile as it is lightweight—and who wouldn't—you're going to appreciate what newly opened Slim Furniture has to offer. This Cincy-based store, formerly a pop-up shop, debuted its first permanent brick-and-mortar location at the end of March. So you can actually come and check out the modular furniture that it also sells online.

The founder used to work for a moving company, so he knows firsthand how cumbersome it can be to get a typical sofa up a few flights of stairs. That's why he and his father came up with Slim Furniture, a line of furnishings that you can assemble without any tools. They're equally easy to take apart, and thanks to the lightweight components, you won't have any trouble getting them into a new apartment. Plus, you can convert a simple comfy chair to a love seat to a sofa with just a few swaps. Come to explore the new store downtown to see their genius firsthand.

Public Domain/Pixabay/Pexels