Take Advantage of Wintry Half-Price Days at the Cincinnati Zoo

Perhaps you think most animals at the Cincinnati Zoo go into hibernation when snow begins to fall outside, but in fact, many of them thrive. Polar bears roam around their enclosure sniffing at the snowflakes. Snow monkeys swing from one branch to another in the crisp winter air. Penguins waddle around happily, soaking up the season. Even elephants come out to play. So don't miss Half-Price Days at the Cincinnati Zoo, happening now through March 9th.

Every Saturday and Sunday, guests get into the zoo for half-price and enjoy special encounters with the animals in the brisk winter air. Come to the zoo for a Q&A with the elephants and their handlers, a Giraffe Chat where you'll learn all about the long-necked creatures, or a Reindeer Chat regarding some of the most famous cold-weather animals. These events are all on the schedule for upcoming Half-Price Days at the Cincinnati Zoo.