The Air-Purifying Houseplants Every Rental Needs

Air-purifying houseplants add a pop of green color and impart an organic touch to your space. What's more, houseplants can clear away toxic chemicals and remove odors from the air. Here are some air-purifying plants to bring home to your apartment.

  • Palm trees. Even smaller palm plants are great at creating an atmosphere that's as fresh and relaxing as a tropical getaway. These plants remove formaldehyde from the air, and they're pretty easy to care for.
  • Rubber plants. Not only are rubber plants attractive and eye-catching, they're also ideal for low-light spaces. If you have a small room or dark corner that always feels a bit stuffy, try adding a rubber plant to freshen it up.
  • English ivy. Drape a beautiful ivy plant over a shelf to remove pollutants from the air and add some green to a room. These plants are also easy to care for, as they only require watering every couple of weeks.
  • Peace lily. If you prefer flowers to plants, the peace lily is a great choice. It removes formaldehyde, benzene and certain VOCs from the air, and it will bloom all winter long.
  • Golden pothos. If you don't exactly have a green thumb, the golden pothos plant is a great choice. It's fairly difficult to kill, and it works pretty well as an air purifier.

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