The Latest Urban Developments Coming to Cincinnati

Cincinnati is a city that is constantly shifting and evolving, never staying still for more than a moment. So its building and green spaces are always being updated to work better for city dwellers like you. Right now, that includes an expansion of the Cincinnati Streetcar system. Builders are adding to the existing 3.6-mile loop in order to link the riverfront to Over-the-Rhine. This will make getting around the city via public transportation much easier, which is good news considering all the other development going on.

Now underway for about two years, work continues on General Electric's new Global Operations Headquarters known as The Banks, a 10-story building that comes on the heels of a sister structure already completed next door. AT580, meanwhile, will house offices, luxury apartments and penthouses, restaurants, and shops when all is said and done. Workers also continue to construct a new six-story Holiday Inn at 7th and Broadway, remodel the Beaux Arts building for lavish apartments, and renovate two historic downtown buildings to add extra rentals. Lots of urban development is underway in Cincinnati; time to get out and explore.

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Public Domain/Pixabay/skeeze