Want to Make Use of Every Last Inch of Your Apartment? Start With These Space-Saving Tips for Renters!

Living in an apartment (or any smaller home) presents some unique challenges when it comes to decorating. You want your space to feel stylish and personal, of course, but you also need it to be functional. Here are a few ways to help you squeeze every last inch out of your rental!

Use double-duty furnishings. If you're shopping for new furniture, opt for pieces that can work overtime. A lidded ottoman, for example, can serve as a place to stow away blankets and a spot to kick up your feet. Place a large serving tray on top to create an extra serving table in an instant.

Look up (and down). Sure, your floor is a good spot for storage baskets, trunks, and the like, but don't forget to make use of your vertical space. Install wall shelving where needed, keeping in mind the oft-overlooked space above door frames.

Get creative. Who says a bar cart can only be used for cocktails? Consider setting up a bar cart as a coffee station, or use it to store potted plants, office supplies, or even overflow from your kitchen cabinets.