Who Will Advocate for Cincinnati’s Historic Buildings?

It's the end of the road for The Dennison. The long-standing hotel, which was constructed in 1892, is being dismantled to make way fo the headquarters of Fortune 500 company, according to City Beat. That's good news for some, but not everyone is happy about the building's demolition. Preservationists have been unsuccessful in their appeals to save the building, designed by the firm of renowned architect Samuel Hannaford.

Preservationists assert that The Dennison's dismantling is part of a larger issue: a lack of infrastructure for historic preservation. “We have 1,000 members on the Save the Dennison Facebook group," says advocate Danny Klingler. "Facebook is great, but we need to convert that into real action.” As historic buildings face the chopping block, what guidelines have been put in place to ensure that Cincinnati's history and character are not lost in the process?

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